WSCA Tower Repairs Costly

By Jeanné McCartin

In July, the WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio tower, located on Pease, was struck by lighting. The repair costs came in right around $6,000.

“We were back on the air as of (Sept. 7), at 2:15, at 100 percent,” station President and Board Chair Jason Boucher says. “But, the coffers are low.”

The station ran at 10 percent until the tower repairs were completed. “What was on air was either static or another station from Cape Cod,” Boucher says. ”… So, now we’re looking to raise money, and awareness while that happens.”

A few members have already made individual efforts, posting fundraisers on Facebook for their birthdays, he says. But this fall, the station is planning a weeklong fundraiser to make up the funds.

“It will be mostly on-air 24/7 and through social media and on the website,” Boucher says. “We don’t have the exact date yet, but we’ll let everyone know on our website as soon as possible.”

Other projects are in the works as well. “We’re working on getting a community night at Flatbread; Tristan Law is trying to arrange that.” And, the station will likely take part in the Westival event Sept. 29 as well, he says. “We’ll be selling T-shirts, and trying to raise awareness around what we’re going through right now.”

Boucher only just came on board as president and chairperson in August. Even with all that’s happened, he’s pleased to be part of the station.

“It’s great really,” Boucher says. “I love working in this community; love the station and the community and everything we do here.”

Among those “things we do” is the Button Factory Stage, a 50-person venue which is just under a year old now, “complete with chairs, tables, couches and a stage for performing arts … at 909 Islington St., right inside the radio station.”

“We’ve been doing shows almost a year now. I would say Chris Hislop and I are the key booking agents,” he says. “We do music. We’ve also hosted stand-up comedy, and poets and writers as well.”

Also among the “things we do” are a number of new programs recently added to the station’s schedule. New shows include Jason Landry’s “Blues Power;” Courtney Daniels’ “Soul Sessions,” and Megan Campbell ’s “Redo the Stacks” (“new indie music”). There’s also Chris Hislop’s Granite Rodeo (“NH-based music”), and also Jon Nash’s Audio Theatre (“radio drama from the golden age of radio”), and “many more on the way!”

“We’re also always looking for more people to get involved,” Boucher says. “So, come on down and see if there’s something we are missing that you can bring to us.” Interested? Check out

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