About WSCA

Our Mission: To create and broadcast diverse programming, produced locally that reflects the cultural, educational, artistic, civic, and business fabric of our community.

WSCA Radio is a listener supported non-commercial, diverse freeform low power community radio station broadcasting at 106.1 FM in Portsmouth, NH. The radio station also maintains a 24/7 online presence at wscafm.org/listen, which includes a live audio stream, audio archives, news, and community-focused information.

WSCA’s programming ranges from the hard to categorize to rock n’ roll, indie rock, jazz, blues, folk, metal, country, world, hip-hop, electronica, punk, soul, gospel, experimental, local & regional news, talk shows, comedy, spoken word, Democracy Now!, and more.

The majority of WSCA’s programming is controlled by individual DJs who are not obligated to adhere to any type of station-wide playlist or rotation schedule, as long as approved by the programming department. Being spontaneous and having a sense of humor are some of WSCA’s best qualities and we want you to know it. About 85% of our programming is original; the remainder is re-broadcasting non-profit news and information productions not heard in the local area.

Specialty shows and our approved programs are a significant part of what is heard on the airwaves, but when there isn’t a specialty show scheduled, or when a DJ is not available, the music heard during these general programming hours will be alternative and independent music with an emphasis on new music.