WSCA Annual Fund

Dear Friends of WSCA,

Since our inception in 2004, the Seacoast Arts and Cultural Alliance which operates WSCA 106.1FM in Portsmouth, NH has been supported by the generosity of our local community. WSCA patrons provide unrestricted support that is essential to the vitality of our radio station. The support enables us to present unique programming for our listening audience 24/7 and over 50 concerts on our Button Factory Stage each year to local and national music acts, helping to bring people together.

In our strategic planning for the upcoming year, we have decided that community engagement is a large, overarching goal of ours. We want to bring people in and encourage them to participate in an ACTIVE way within the WSCA ecosystem.

As we approach our 16th anniversary in 2020, the station is brimming with energy, diverse voices, new shows, a number of exciting community events, and unlimited potential. With the recent repair to our radio tower after a lightning strike, and a future opportunity to upgrade our signal from a low power 100-watt signal to a Class A 1000-watt educational level, bringing a stronger, clearer signal to more of the Seacoast, we need your support now more than ever before.

A gift to the WSCA Annual Fund makes our work possible. It’s a wonderful way to contribute by providing unrestricted support to this 100% volunteer-run organization that will help drive this community engagement initiative. Today, I write to ask that you consider a fully-tax deductible gift to the WSCA Annual Fund. In doing so, you are committed to caring and preserving this unique, local, musical platform for generations to come.

With many thanks and warm wishes,

Jason Boucher
President & Chair of the Board of Trustees
WSCA, Seacoast Arts and Cultural Alliance