We’re Back!

To our listeners & supporters from around the Seacoast:  We’re pleased to report many of our DJs have resumed broadcasting live. DJs are returning on a completely volunteer basis depending on their individual comfort levels because we know full well that we’re not entirely out of the COVID-19 woods just yet. That said, we’re taking proper precautions for those that will walk through our doors.

WSCA has provided all necessary sanitary & disinfectant material required and ask any returning DJ to bring their own mask. Besides hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and microphone covers, we also have a supply of gloves, paper towels, and alcohol wipes for cleaning electronic equipment. Only a total of four (4) people are allowed inside WSCA at any given time with a maximum of one (1) person per studio at a time.

As of right now, it is strictly voluntary to return and no one will be penalized for missing their weekly radio show. For our regular program schedule, please go here.

This is our temporary 0n-air schedule during COVID-19*:


10:00 am – Stoney River

2:00 pm – Global Heartbeat

6:00 pm – The Drop

11:00 pm – Blank Wave


8:00 am – Blues Power 

1:00 pm – Alternative with Anthony

3:00 pm – Ship of Fools

8:00 pm – Point of Departure


8:00 pm – Nocturnal: A Sound + Music Experience


8:00 am – Granite Rodeo

11:00 am – Market Squared

6:00 pm – Black Box

8:00 pm – The Kitchen Sink


8:00 am – Seacoast Currents


8:00 am – The Environmental Hour

9:00 am – Win Win With Cannabis

1:00 pm – Pirate Fridays

7:00 pm – The Coven

9:00 pm – Black Night Meditations


9:00 am – Scratchy 45s & Beyond

4:00 pm – What Now?

*schedule subject to change