Audio Theater is a radio time machine!

Hosted by Jon Nash

Started on September 29, 2004, Audio Theater was one of the first programs regularly
broadcast on WSCA. The program takes listeners back to the mid-20th Century and the
Golden Age of Radio. Each week they hear episodes of programs from all radio genres as
they were originally broadcast. These shows are really audio snippets of our cultural
history. There have been many changes since these shows were first aired, but listening to
radio programming from this era is not only a trip down memory lane for some, but
exposure to what our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents grew up listening to on
the only live medium available at the time…. radio. Take a trip back through our audio
portal to the past and hear exactly what listeners heard all those many years ago!

Host Jon Nash joined Audio Theater, as the show’s co-host, in July 2015. In September of
2016 he became its sole host. Besides broadcasting a wide variety of old-time radio shows,
Jon, with the help of volunteers, endeavors to produce live performances of old-time radio
scripts live on the Button Factory Stage. If you are interested in assisting with a live
production – as a performer, director, sound effects person or general volunteer- or have a
suggestion for an episode of an old-time radio show you would like to hear on Audio
Theater, perhaps an episode from your favorite series, Jon would love to hear from you.
You can send him an e-mail message to or you can connect with him
on Twitter at @audiotheaterjon.

Audio archive of the latest episode:

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