When We Wuz Mods

While Beatlemania shaped the early 60’s pop culture and the British Blues scene was still unfolding there emerged another sub-culture of the British music scene. The so-called Mod scene permeated early 60’s British bands, clubs, fashion and attitude. It was not unusual to see mods engaged in all out brawls […]

Revisiting the 1960’s British Blues Explosion

John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Blues Incorporated, Free, Yardbirds, Ten Years After, Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac, and the list goes on for 1960’s era British heavyweights who were inspired by the Chicago and Mississippi Delta Blues scenes. Be sure to join veteran WSCA DJ Mark Lefebvre as he visits this and other […]

Coming Soon To WSCA – Earache My Eye!

DJ Mark Lefebvre will bring WSCA listeners back to the days of deep album rock and the vibe of late night FM broadcasts on Saturday’s, 7-9 AM, beginning in January 2017. From the Animals to Zappa, Altamount to Woodstock, you’ll revisit the days when rock posters, black lights and headphones […]

Programming For Community

Portsmouth Community Radio is exactly what the name denotes, a radio station that serves the community. Maybe it would be more accurate to say “communities” because of the many fractures that often place social groups at odds with each other. So how do we, as a programming department, serve the […]

Managing The New Traffic Patterns of Radio

Radio used to be a two-way street where a station sent out a signal and listeners could call in if they wanted to… but not anymore. Today radio is more like a super highway with traffic patterns that route incoming and outgoing content across multiple platforms that are all geared […]

Know and Grow Your Audience

In radio the big question is “Who is listening?” accompanied often by a second question of “How many are listening?”. For most people involved in radio the answer to the second question will be how they judge the success of a radio station. I think we can all agree that […]

Radio’s Role in Supporting Artists

What is radio for? Depends on who you ask. For some people it is where they find local or national news. For others it is the source for sports or political talk. But for the majority of radio consumers it is the place they turn to for music & entertainment. Traditionally, […]

It’s the WSCA Programming Department!

The WSCA programming department had their inaugural meeting last night and discussed the bright road ahead. The department is going to focus tightly on programming issues, create incentives for DJs to play new artists, build relationships with record labels, throw parties, install tools and create inspiring artwork. WSCA wants bands, […]