Upcoming Shows 

February 2019:

Feb 7: Button Factory Jazz: John Mettam Group: EHM (Effenberger, Herman, Mettam) 8PM

Feb. 10: Moon & fiveeightthirteen 7PM

Feb. 13: Record Listening Night – Patti Smith “Horses” 6-8PM

Feb 14: Radio Romance, A Valentine’s Day poetry reading hosted by Jarrett Daniel and Mike Nelson – 8PM

Feb. 21: Button Factory Jazz: Asher Barreras 8PM

Feb. 28: Button Factory Jazz: Nate Therrien’s Zero Gravity 8PM

March 2019:

March 7: Button Factory Jazz: Avi Rafaelov Group 8PM

March 12: WPM: Writing Publishing Marketing with Maat Publishing / Press 6PM

March 13: Record Listening Night 6:30 PM

March 14: Button Factory Jazz: Stujoy : Sojoy with Josh Gagnon and Stu Dias 

March 21: Button Factory Jazz: Nick Mainella quartet 8PM

March 23: Notches, Spit Take, Daylo 7:00 PM -10:00 PM

March 28: Button Factory Jazz: David Tonkin group 8PM

March 29: Paul Jarvis & Stu Dias 8 PM

April 2019: 

April 3: Gundalow and Environmental Hour Film 7PM

April 4: Button Factory Jazz: Future Memory 8PM

April 5: Cards & Conversation

April 6: Burst & Bloom Records Concert 6PM

April 9: WPM Writing Publishing Marketing with Maat Publishing / Press 6PM

April 10: Record Listening Night

April 11: Button Factory Jazz: Jared Steer Group 8PM

April 13: Jim Rioux and Eric Ott 8PM

April 18: Button Factory Jazz: Flacco’s Bizarre Adventure, Keenan Ruffin Group 8PM

April 19: River Sister 8PM

April 20: Queen Elephantine 7:30 PM

April 25: Button Factory Jazz: Scott Kiefner group 8PM

April 28: Cesni Trio with Dolunay 3pm

May 2019: 

May 2: Button Factory Jazz: Max Richardson group 8PM

May 3: Cards & Conversation

The Button Factory Stage is a small performance venue with great ambiance in a cozy intimate setting. The capacity is 50 people with couches, chairs, tables, and standing room. The venue is complete with free parking, a green room for performers to gather before and after a show, a popcorn machine for the audience, and the potential for a live simulcast on WSCA Radio during the show. A digital projector is also available.

Catch live jazz every Thursday night with The Button Factory Jazz Series.

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