Got a song you remember from the 60’s – 80’s nobody plays anymore? Drop the show an email:, and I’ll look for it in my archives and throw it on the turntable during a show.

I got my handle “The Supersport” back during the mid 70’s, while on CB before the hit single “Convoy” and the related ”CB craze” , as well because my first car was a 1966 Chevy Super Sport. You know, the one with the rear speaker built into the back seat!

I have always loved listening to the radio while growing up in Boston, including DX’ing other “Top 40” radio stations across the country on the AM Band,and way before internet streaming! I am a huge fan of “Top 40” and “Album Oriented Rock (AOR)” radio, especially during the 60’s – 80’s, and let’s not forget those cool jingles we heard. I have not figured out why I never got into radio programming, but given the corporate “cookie-cutting” techniques that has occurred in radio over the years, I am glad that I did not, as I do not find “corporate” radio very creative, unlike our Portsmouth, NH Seacoast Community Radio Station, FM 106.1 – WSCA and

My show “Scratchy 45’s and Beyond” is meant to capture your memory banks once again, as together, we re-live the music, classic jingles, and personality-radio you heard back then on your AM-FM transistor radio, while sneaking in a few current tunes here and there. Tune in at 9 AM (ET)every Saturday. Requests and your phone calls are always accepted at (603) 430-WSCA.

I hope you listen and really enjoy my show on WSCA – FM 106.1. Portsmouth and the Seacoast are very lucky to have a Low-Power Community Radio Station.

There are several ways to catch the Scratchy 45s & Beyond Show live every Saturday morning at 9 AM – Noon (ET).

1. You can stream it on your computer via the web at FM 106.1 WSCA
2. You can watch me do the show, while listening and chat with me and other viewers on Camup
3. Using your Smartphone and the “TuneIn” app you can stream the show through your smartphone.

Thanks so much for the past 7 Years of great support not only for the show, but for WSCA-FM which is a non-profit community radio station supporting local, diverse, and live programming.

Check out the station website and make a donation to support the station and become a member too! And mention you listen to the “Scratchy 45s & Beyond” Show with The Supersport.

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page “Scratchy 45s & Beyond” for the latest news and postings.

“And Now Ladies and Gentlemen…”,

John (Supersport)