“Pirate radio (definition):  the transmission of communications over radio waves by unlicensed amateurs; such broadcasts are illegal because they are not in accordance with FCC transmission requirements. Originally, radio was generally a lawless free-for-all and the domain of hobbyists and enthusiast experimenters.”

Relax….we assure you that Pirate Friday with Scurvy Dog is quite legal and under the WSCA FCC license umbrella. However, you CAN and SHOULD expect a free-for-all as well as musical and social experimentation.

Rick Dirck and Mark Lefebvre will unveil their long-awaited collaboration, “Pirate Friday with Scurvy Dog” from 1-5 on June 29, 2018. Celebrating 60 years of insanely great music, Rick and Mark will comb the corners of the globe in order to bring WSCA listeners the latest in new music, the best (and most underplayed) of music from their youth, and everything in between.

Radio anarchy. Dig it.