Ahhhhh, the mellow, August days are now upon us with their warm Gulf-stream tides, fresh summer vegetables, and dusty orange sunsets. And as these mature summer days begin to wane, we’re just getting started here at Portsmouth Community Radio with a brand-new monthly newsletter and our first annual WSCA Summer Radiothon.

Hear what Jason, host of The Kitchen Sink, heard every Wednesday from 8 until 10 p.m., has to say about WSCA Radio.

We love sharing great music, public affairs discussions, and local news and events with all of you. We love our newly revamped Studio 909 where we host and share concerts, readings, and other events with our neighbors. We love our members whose support makes all this possible. If only we could do it without any need for funding! Alas, we do, once again, need your help to keep our original programming and events in full swing and to pay for needed renovations and equipment repairs. That’s why we’ve launched the Summer Radiothon.

Join us Wednesday, August 9 through Wednesday, August 16, 2017. We have many great levels of giving for donations this year with some good ol’ schwag to hand out in return. To make your donation this week, or any week, please visit wscafm.org/donate.

Seacoast Currents, hosted by Kathy Somssich and Larry Drake airs every Thursday morning from 8-10 a.m. and has some interesting shows coming up, including:

  • August 10: Catherine Stewart will discuss her work in local theatre and local blogger William Tucker (miscellanyblue.com (http://miscellanyblue.com/) ) will bring us the latest about the Trump Presidency.
  • August 17: Lauren Banker will talk about her job as an organizer for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England and Erin Turmelle will discuss her work as Political Director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.
  • August 24: Portsmouth Assistant Mayor Jim Splaine and Deaglan McEachern will review current events in Portsmouth.
  • August 31: Portsmouth’s State Senator, Martha Fuller Clark, will update us about the work of the New Hampshire Legislature.

Granite Rodeo is a weekly roundup of all things music that’s made, influenced, and/or inspired by the Granite State. The program airs Wednesdays from 3 to 5 p.m. and includes artists that have made a contribution to the greater soundtrack permeating from the great state of New Hampshire. This includes music that has been created in the state, or artists on a regional and national level that are touring through and performing at one of the many venues that exist throughout the state. Chris Hislop is your local host. Be sure to tune into your favorite shows this week to hear more about how you can help us keep the free waves free during our Summer Radiothon.

By the way, we’ve also added tons of new programming recently. If you wanna get social, you can always follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we’ll be social back! …and of course, if you’re not in the Seacoast area and can’t get 106.1 FM, you can always stream us from anywhere in the world at wscafm.org/listen-live. Don’t forget to donate to the 2017 Summer Radiothon!