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Make A Difference… Take Action

Public Affairs Show Summit Saturday, February 18 Noon-4pm @ Soundstage 909 – 909 Islington St. Portsmouth, NH It is said that we are living in trying times. Some describe our current condition as a “political crisis” others speak of “spiritual crisis”, or “economic crisis” and an “environmental crisis”. The one thing they all have in common is their description of a world in upheaval.   We believe the time is right for WSCA to host a Public Affairs Summit.  ...


NH Women’s March for Civil Rights

(Saturday, January 21, 2017) -- Market Square and many streets in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire were overflowing with people attending the 2017 NH Women's March for Civil Rights today. We asked the Portsmouth Police about the size of the estimated crowd and they were not sure, but informed us that it was too large to hold a march and so several downtown streets were met with detours to make room for the larger than expected crowd this afternoon. Listen to...