SPOTLIGHT: The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink with JASON BROWN Wednesdays, 8-10 pm Black Francis of The Pixies once commented, “I quickly learned that, on one hand, there was the music everyone was listening to, and, on the other, there were those other, better records to discover.” Every Wednesday at 8 pm, Jason Brown explores those other records on […]

Portsmouth At Large – Monday – July 12th – 9 to 10 am – Guest: Bess Palmisciano of “Rain for the Sahel and Sahara”

In 2000, Newmarket resident Bess Palmisciano went as a tourist to Niger.  There she was impressed with resilience of the Nigerian peoples, a nomadic tribe who have developed complex societies in harmony with the Sahara desert near and in which they live. Facing the difficulties of drought and the modern world, these peoples have struggled to survive […]