Pre-Pledge Drive Meeting – August 31st – 7 to 8:30 PM

  Volunteers and Trustees, Consider this a formal invitation to all those who are able and interested to attend a pre-pledge drive meeting to learn about what we’re doing, how we’re going to do it, when we will be doing it, and how we can all pitch in to make this a successful fundraising effort. […]

Don’t Dis’ My Ability – Special One Hour Show – Tuesday – August 24th – 4 to 5 pm – “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Rebroadcast of July 27th Show

Originally broadcast on July 27th, this hour long program featuring Vietnam veteran, Guest Don Lonsway (photo),  offers one of the most compelling and dramatic programs you will hear on any radio station. Don relates his 34 year battle with PTSD in vivid and emotional detail that had those of us in the studio mesmerized and  teary-eyed […]

WSCA 106.1FM Announces Volunteer/DJ Training Sessions

Interested in getting involved as a radio show host or volunteer at WSCA 106.1FM, Portsmouth Community Radio? Do you have an interest in news, radio engineering, live music performance engineering, music show production, or public affairs programming? WSCA also has many opportunities for volunteers in off-air roles including marketing, fundraising, administration, IT, social media, and […]

Jazz Straightahead – Wednesday – August 11th – 6 to 9 am – Host: Terry MacDonald – A Visit from Drika Overton

The extraordinary jazz pianist Geri Allen released a new live performance recording   featuring her trio Timeline and the tap percussionist Maurice Chestnut.        At 8 o’clock on Wednesday’s edition of Jazz Straightahead, Terry MacDonald’s special guest will be the Seacoast’s own favorite jazz tap artist, Drika Overton, who will be hearing the Geri Allen recording for the […]