Radio used to be a two-way street where a station sent out a signal and listeners could call in if they wanted to… but not anymore. Today radio is more like a super highway with traffic patterns that route incoming and outgoing content across multiple platforms that are all geared to enhance the listener’s experience and increase a station’s audience. But like all traffic it needs to be properly directed and the lanes kept in good shape so that everyone enjoys the ride.

Here are some tips for directing traffic in a way that services everyone’s needs.

  1. On-air cross promote:  On air jocks should be offering incentives that drive listeners to the station website.  These incentives can be telling the audience broadcast-tower-2about a great review or article that is available online. Other incentives include signing up for a newsletter, merchant discount programs,or viewing concert listings. Creative thinking will produce many more incentives that can be announced on-air.
  2. Website cross promote:  A station website should always be encouraging visitors to tune in to the broadcast or click the “Listen Now” stream. Placing photos, videos, and audio files online will also encourage visitors to explore the on-air broadcast. And of course there is no better incentive than fresh, up-to-date content that reflects the culture of the station and the DJs.
  3. Give people a place to talk:  This should take place across all platforms allowing people to email, text, call, comment, like, follow, or share. On-air jocks can respond to texts directly or on-air and remind listeners to visit our social media pages and website.  The website should allow a visitor to text the on-air jock with the simple click of an icon.

These a just a few of the ways a station can improve the experience of listeners while helping the station to grow. There are many more ways but they are too numerous for a blog post.

Good traffic management helps the station to track the number of listeners, makes us more appealing to volunteers & new members, and brings more opportunity for interns and others.  So with all of those benefits every DJ and producer should be reminding people to “listen here and look there” – “sign up at” – “tune in for“… and we will all be singing happily as we ride this new highway into a bright and meaningful future.

-Rick Dirck-