Public Affairs Show Summit
Saturday, February 18 Noon-4pm
@ Soundstage 909 – 909 Islington St. Portsmouth, NH

It is said that we are living in trying times. Some describe our current condition as a “political crisis” others speak of “spiritual crisis”, or “economic crisis” and an “environmental crisis”. The one thing they all have in common is their description of a world in upheaval.

We believe the time is right for WSCA to host a Public Affairs Summit.

We are asking that all public affairs show hosts and contributers attend. We are also extending an open invitation to civic groups and individuals who are concerned about the current issues that our communities face. Our goal is to facilitate and inspire meaningful dialogue amongst our diverse public affairs community.
We will explore how, as media hosts, we can best communicate with listeners in a way that enlightens, educates, and empowers them in their personal lives. We will also talk about the role and responsibilities Portsmouth Community Radio has as a community organization and as a media group.

Here is an outline for an agenda:
(We welcome your suggestions)
Welcome to new comers & visitors
Introductions & descriptions of all shows
Fact vs. Opinion vs. “Alternative Facts”
Satire vs. Critical Thinking
Civil Conversations
Affective Communication
WSCA Resources
Need for a Public Affairs Programming Director
The future of public affairs programming on WSCA
Establishing a Public Affairs Speakers Series


We will arrange to have snacks and beverages available so that everyone stays refreshed. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!

Rick Dirck / Programming Director
WSCA-LP 106.1 FM, Portsmouth N.H.
Studios at 909 Islington St.
Station phone: 603.430.9722