Vote 2016

Tune In Turn On VOTE

WSCA is encouraging all listeners to get out and vote!

Let your voice be heard by exercising your right to cast a ballot for the candidate of your choice.  Many times, American electoral outcomes have been decided by a mere handful of votes!  Take an active part in the democratic process and be counted.

WSCA has teamed with KEXP (Seattle) to encourage you to take action.


Where do you live? Here are some links to area towns that we think can help you find election information you need:

Presidential Election takes place on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2016

Hear messages about the importance of voting from Band of Horses & Presidents of the United States of America:

Ben Bridwell, Band Of Horses:

1. Band Of Horses - Band Of Horses     


Chris Ballew, Presidents of the United States of America:

2. Chris Ballew - Chris Ballew