Pirate Friday with Scurvy Dog

“Pirate radio (definition):  the transmission of communications over radio waves by unlicensed amateurs; such broadcasts are illegal because they are not in accordance with FCC transmission requirements. Originally, radio was generally a lawless free-for-all and the domain of hobbyists and enthusiast experimenters.” Relax….we assure you that Pirate Friday with Scurvy Dog is quite legal and […]

Pirate Radio

Join veteran WSCA Deejays Rick Dirck and Mark Lefebvre as they bring you “Pirate Fridays with Scurvy Dog Radio.” Each Friday, from 1 to 5 p.m. you can get an early start to your weekend! Four hours of insanely great radio featuring new and independent artists, songs, and albums. In addition to music, the show will include […]

Ahoy Mateys!

Veteran WSCA DJ’s Rick Dirck and Mark Lefebvre are collaborating to bring “Pirate Friday’s With Scurvy Dog” to the WSCA airways in June. Tune in each Friday from 1-5 PM to get an early start to your weekend with 4 hours of insanely great radio featuring new and independent artists. […]

The Coven

Welcome to The Coven. Join us Friday nights at 7pm, hosted by Vanessa and fellow Coveners. Offering up new releases of indie folk, soul, southern goth, garage rock, and world music to begin the rituals and rites of your weekend adventures.

Soul Sessions

Listen to Soul Sessions with Courtney J. every Thursday night from 10pm to midnight. Courtney J. spins two hours of easy listening featuring the latest in neo-soul and slow jams. “Soothe your soul with music your body can’t control” Follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

All In with Pauline Hawkins

Join Pauline Hawkins every Tuesday morning at 9 am for her talk show featuring guests who are are putting everything on the line to make their dreams come true. Follow along on Facebook, too.

Toast of the Town

Toast of the Town is a weekly radio program that tries to be a calendar show but turns into a discussion of all things Portsmouth.  With guest interviews with local entertainers, politicians and personalities this cavalcade of conversations becomes therapy for the co-hosts: newly added (un)official matriarch of Portsmouth Kathleen Cavalaro and WSCA resident jester […]

Find out why chicks dig bass

McCartney, Squire, Lee, Jones, Wyman and McVie….all purveyors of the 4-string axe. Check out Earache My Eye! this Saturday, Oct. 21 from 7-9 AM to hear these and dozens of other great bass players as host Mark Lefebvre digs deep into the vault to bring you songs that feature iconic […]