Remember 10 years ago when there were no iPhones? It was only 12 years ago that iTunes was launched. Prior to 2003, there was no Comcast On Demand service, no podcasts, no apps, and Netflix was a mail order system. Oh how the times have changed and every media group, whether it be a commercial station or a small community station needs to deliver content to consumers who now have connectivity wherever they go.
We are well into the era of On Demand listening and there is no reason to expect the trend to slow. In fact, industry analysts predict that everything people consume will eventually become fully integrated as On Demand delivery. It is not only media. Take a look at the growth of other On Demand services, such as, Uber, Amazon, GubHub, and more…. People are using their power to get the object, or content, they want; when they want it.

WSCA has been watching this trend develop and is taking the steps necessary to make sure that our producers continue to reach their audiences. We are currently upgrading our internal networking system to give both producers and listeners the tools they need to access the content they want, whenever they want it.

During the months of September and October we have completely rebuilt our network from our tower site all the way through our studios. Here are some of the changes we made to help our DJs and listeners have the best experiences possible.

  1. Removed computers from our outgoing signal chain which improves the sound quality of our broadcast content and reduces vulnerable points of failure.
  2. We have added text messaging to our studio phone line so listeners can communicate with on-air DJs in a convenient manner.
  3. Our wireless network now provides multiple gigabit streams allowing us to increase the number of online listeners and also provides for dedicated “special event” streams, such as, live concerts.
  4. Archiving capacity has been expanded to over twelve-terabytes which allows us to store audio files for listener download.
  5. Our audio storage is placed in a database system that will give listeners an easy to navigate list for locating shows they wish to hear.
  6. The station has opened a pro level Soundcloud account so listeners will be able to use a reliable media player platform that can be shared with others through embedding or social media.

This winter, WSCA will be building out our media lab, providing producers with new tools for creating audio & video projects that will be made available for broadcast and download. Our public affairs shows will be encouraged to produce subscription podcast versions of their programs, giving listeners additional choices for accessing content.

These are just some of the ways that Portsmouth Community Radio is responding to the changes in listener habits. We are excited for the future of media creation and embrace the technologies that are allowing all of us to go mobile while staying connected to the music, topics, and events that makes our community so great.