jon_nashStarted on September 29, 2004, John Lovering began hosting Audio Theater, highlighting classic radio programming created in a different time. They are really audio snippets of our cultural history. There have been vast cultural changes since these shows were first aired, but listening to radio programing from the Golden Age of Radio is not only a trip down memory lane for some, but exposure to what our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents grew up listening to on the only live medium available at the time…. radio. Take a trip back through our audio portal to the past and hear exactly what listeners heard all those many years ago!

Starting July 14, 2015, Jon Nash joined John Lovering as a co-host on Audio Theater. Jon brings a lot of enthusiasm and background knowledge to the show. In addition we are now producing bi-monthly live audio theater productions on our new Soundstage 909.

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