What is the mission of WSCA? 

The mission of WSCA is to provide local and diverse programming not found anywhere else on the dial and join the seacoast community together. 

How do I make a song request?

WSCA DJs like to take requests and love to talk to our listeners. To make a request, please text OR call (603) 430-WSCA.

Whom should I contact with questions about my donation or gift?

Email the WSCA Fundraising Committee or call (603) 430-9722. Make a gift right now by clicking here

Whom should I contact with comments about WSCA Programming?

We always welcome and encourage feedback from our listeners. If you have comments or suggestions, please call or email our Program Director or call (603) 430-9722.

Where can I find more information about WSCA programs?

Please take a look at the programming section of wscafm.org. You will find information about all of WSCA’s programs, contact information, links to playlists, and audio archives.

Where does WSCA get its funding?

Seacoast Arts and Cultural Alliance a.k.a. WSCA, Portsmouth Community Radio is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization that holds the FCC broadcast license for 106.1 FM WSCA-LP in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We are 100% listener funded by donors like you with local businesses contributing through underwriting. WSCA does not receive any government funding or grants. For more information about WSCA’s funding sources, please see our public reports

I’ve seen WSCA sometimes sponsoring concerts, events and festivals around Portsmouth. What does that mean?

WSCA is pleased to work with non-profit organizations around town. Whether its an event, show, concert, or festival. As a sponsor of a non-profit event, WSCA provides the organization with on-air promotion, often in return for underwriting and/or complimentary entrance to events. As a non-profit sponsor, WSCA never gives monetary funds to partnering organizations. 

How do I get an event listed on the Community Calendar?

Submissions should be received 10 days before any mention on the air. Information about upcoming events may be submitted for consideration by emailing calendar@wscafm.org

How do I get airplay on WSCA?

Submit material for consideration by mailing to: WSCA 909 Islington Street Suite 1 Portsmouth, NH 03801 Attn: Music Department

Where are WSCA’s studios located?

Our studios and offices are located at 909 Islington Street, Suite 1, which is west of downtown Portsmouth. For detailed instructions click here.

Can I tour WSCA?

Yes. Soon, WSCA will offer tours with more information available soon. Walk-ins are welcome but subject to availability. To book a public or private tour, email trustees@wscafm.org or call (603)430-9722.