Artist: Yuko Ito
Title: Mania De Você
Label: Funny Baby Face
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This Japanese native sings the Brazilian repertoire—and very well. Good band, too.

Artist: Carol Morgan Trio
Title: Opening
Label: Blue Bamboo Music
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: The saxophone-led chordless trio is no longer surprising—but here’s trumpet-led one. And she’s a woman. A fine, adventuresome player, sometimes joined by an alto/soprano saxophonist.

Artist: El Movimiento
Title: The Movement
Label: Nueva Nota
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This is a multi-cultural group, based in Nashville, playing Latin jazz. Good sound, good groove.

Artist: Widehive Players
Title: Widehive Players
Label: Widehive
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Brassy funk, reminiscent of Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Artist: Roberto Badoglio
Title: Re-evaluation Time
Label: Spice-Rack
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Jazz, funk, electronica—a real mix. Marty Richards’ drumming, on three tracks, helps bring it over the jazz line.

Artist: Frank Kimbrough
Title: Rumors
Label: Palmetto
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Kimbrough is a well-grounded modern pianist with a penchant for taking listeners along on journeys into the unknown (or at least unexpected). He leads a trio here.

Artist: Chris Tedesco
Title: Living the Dream
Label: Angel City
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This is the traditional big band sound, presented by trumpeter Tedesco who has assembled 18 of the West Coast’s best studio players. Vocalist Tony Gallo is featured on several tracks.

Artist: Nelda Swiggett
Title: This Time
Label: OA2
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This pianist swings authoritatively, leading a trio in a set of her own compositions.

Artist: Hal Galper
Title: E Pluribus Unum
Label: OA2
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Pianist Galper has evolved from a strong post-bop pianist to a daring, contemporary artist, presenting an interactive trio in originals and standards.

Artist: Debbie Poryes
Title: Catch Your Breath
Label: OA2
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Pianist Poryes leads her quartet (with saxophone) in a nice straightahead set of standards and some originals.

Artist: Salvatore Bonafede Trio
Title: Sicilian Opening
Label: Jazz Eyes
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This is a terrific trio album. Italian pianist Bonafede has established strong credentials in Italy and the U.S. and leads his trio with great taste and creativity.

Artist: Michael Treni
Title: Turnaround
Label: self
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This contemporary 18-piece ensemble (plus strings on some tracks) includes some of today’s best players, exciting and sometimes beautiful arrangements, and lots of room for the soloists. This is the real stuff.

Artist: John Basile
Title: No Apologies
Label: String Time Jazz
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: The instrumentation is classic organ/guitar/drums trio, the repertoire American Songbook and jazz standards, the interpretation about as tasty as it gets.

Artist: Dan Dean
Title: 251
Label: Origin
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This is an album of duo performances, the one constant being bassist Dean. He’s joined, over the course of the recording, by four different and renowned keyboardists.

Artist: Mark Egan
Title: Truth Be Told
Label: Wavetone Records
Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Tenor, organ, bass and drums—well, you know it’s going to be funky, and that it is. Put on your high-heeled sneakers for this one.

Artist: Audio Cultures
Title: Breaking the Sound Barrier
Label: Sonic Pilot Records
Gary Lowe’s Comments: Smooth, funky, soulful, overproduced. Slap-pop bass, cool percussion, very different.

Artist: Gene Harris Quartet
Title: Another Night in London
Label: Resonance
Gary Lowe’s Comments: Half dozen great standards done in a London bar. Very good recording; tasteful; sexy; lots of feeling.

Artist: Claudio Roditi
Title: Simpatico
Label: Resonance
Gary Lowe’s Comments: Mellow, orchestrated piano-fluglehorn swing.

Artist: Eric Frazier Quintet
Title: Live @ Cecil’s Jazz Club
Label: self produced two separate volume set.
Gary Lowe’s Comments: Great jazz band with a horrible singer. Absolutely can’t hold a tune and is on a par with Bill Murray’s lounge singing on SNL of the 1980’s. Play songs 1-5 only. Warning: latter songs may cause loudspeaker damage and need for psychological counseling.

Artist: Dave Panico
Title: Joy Rid’n
Label: Soaringsaxman Records
Gary Lowe’s Comments: B3/sax jazz that swings


Artist: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
Title: Rise & Shine
Label: Cumbanca


Artist: Coco Montoya
Title: I Want It All Back
Label: Ruf Records


Artist: Jeff Beck
Title: Emotion & Commotion
Label: Atco

Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Title: Valleys of Neptune
Label: Experience Hendrix/Legacy

Artist: The New Loud
Title: Can’t Stop the Knowing
Label: Self Released

Artist: Joey Ryan & The Inks
Title: Well, Here We Are Then
Label: Self Released

Artist: Cedar Avenue
Title: Someday Soon
Label: Self Released

Artist: Jason Masi
Title: Balance & Pull
Label: Self Released

Artist: Static of the Gods
Title: Knowledge Machine
Label: DelVerano

Artist: The Sextons
Title: The Sextons
Label: Princess

Artist: The Besnard Lakes
Title: The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night
Label: JagJaguwar

Artist: The White Stripes
Title: Under the Great White Northern Lights
Label: Third Man/WB


Artist: Great American Taxi
Album: Reckless Habits
Release Date: 3/2/2010
Style: Americana/Bluegrass/Rock
Doug Baker’s Comments: Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon’s Americana band’s second
studio release. If you like Graham Parsons, The Grateful Dead, or
Leftover Salmon, you will love this album!

Artist: Red Molly
Title: James
Label: Self Release

Artist: Various
Title: Waterbug Anthology 9
Label: Waterbug


Artist: Whiffletree
Title: Harvest Fair
Label: Self Release

Hip Hop

Artist: Royalty
Title: Girl Girl (Single)
Label: Global Identity

Artist: Krave
Title: Go Crazy
Label: Upfront Megatainment